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Description: KIK: Headspin22 - This guy caught me at the right time and right day! For soever reason I was incredibly lascivious whilst I was working my old job! *Side bar - This vid is months old... I like the vid but was made my damn phone went dead and cut out the cum discharged... Ugh! In Any Case... This Guy had been hitting me up for a valuable min and I not at any time paid it any attention... Oh but this guy got me when I was in need and it was on! I gave him special instructions... I think they were let off ur address, have ur door unlocked, be on the ottoman bare, and if course the celebrated line almost any of you ate like what?! He-He! DON'T SHOWER! The next msg that guy replied had his phone #, address, gate code, and this chab said me this chab would be willing with the door unlocked! ,-) I was like damn... That kinda turnt me up... Idk y... But it did! I clocked out got in my car! As I was pulling up to the stop sign down the street from my job I started striping! ,-) Drove to boys abode gazoo out! And it was like a 25 min ride! It was a Sunday mornin likewise! Everyone was still sleep or gettin willing for church... I Pulled up parked... His parking spot was directly in front of his place... I was like that's even more good! I got out the car and had to hit a Rhinana #! All I want to watch you in is just skin! Haha! All I had was my phone and keys! I opened his door and ghe was on the daybed knob hard and willing! ,-) I set my phone up... We didn't even speak... I just said him to put that towel on his face and I went at it! Referring back to the hook up manual for 1 of my faithful fans... That's how a hook up is supposed to go... Don't nobody want to watch yo a-hole fully clothed to hook up... And you got on shoes... wtf you got on shoes for in the abode!!!! Ugh! In Any Case... Like I told, my phone did go dead... YOU can hear it about to die making these noises! If you noticed I started tryin to hurry up and pull his nut out! Rotfl! Didn't cum out in time! :-( But I really enjoyed his cock that day... This Guy has a rock hard curve, but a powerful cock 'coz I was throwing his knob down my face hole... Some fellows would've punked out and been like ur hurting me! Haha! Dad was a champ and took it like 1! I was impressed! I even sat on his knob... I think just to acquire my nut as I jacked off! So lengthy agone I don't remember... I know this guy tried to fuck me and I declined! I did have a fun this session! And we did talk after! He-He! I mean this wasn't our 1st time rencounter... But it had been years! Buy in any case... HAVE A FUN THIS VID! LUV MY FANS!