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Description: (Dallas, Tx) KIK: Headspin22 - This is one more vid from a somewhat regular fella! Damn... That Guy hit me up at a time where I was almost all totally willing to freak! That Guy hit me up I was like damn cum throughout!! Ha-Ha-Ha! This Chab was excited as hell but didn't have his car... :-( I was indeed in the mood to acquire drilled... Ijs... I was willing for lift off and anything... Haha! But I have a fun giving him head! This Chab came throughout and we got it in right in front of the window... I started suckin and licking him like I usually do... And to my surprise... I get to have licked the right spot... Coz that body did a Lil different kinda dance... Hmmm... Had to ask him if that guy liked that a-hole ate! ,-) This Guy told yep you want to try it! He-He! :-) ,-) :-p Rotfl! Gone and then around! I knew his arse was soft... But damn... HELLA GOOD CHOCOLATE CAKES! Dad was bouncing that butt on my face... I was in it to win it! His p chocolate aperture tasted nice... When it opens up it was valuable and pink! ,-) Wink! Ate that a-hole for a min... Then I had to give him what that guy ultimately came for... This head!!! Sucked that weenie and this chab even let me finger him during the time that I did... Butt was hella precious! Imma have to make a vid eating that butt another time... Damn!! This Guy turned me on the way that a-hole was bouncing on my tongue! Dad bust that nut in my face hole and some down my mouth as ordinary! Imma begin calling him the cum forcer! Haha! Sounds like a super hero! Ha-Ha-Ha! HAVE A FUN THIS VID! LUV MY FANS! KIK: Headspin22