My toys 8 - The Varka

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Description: Sorry for my absence, just haven't had the time or the motivation to work on vids. But, here we go anyhow. This was rather impromptu. No warm up or everything other than cleaning out. Just decided it'd be precious time to make a clip. So, here we have a unparalleled toy, from It is The Varka. And boyfrend, this thing is a ****** So, got it lubed up and sluggishly stretched open on that biggest flared head. And yes, it hurt agreeable bad when it went in, [once greater amount, no warm up] but it hurt so admirable. So, I give a fine ride, grinding that flared head against my prostate and gap. Felt delightsome fucking astounding. Desire i could take the entire thing. Not having trouble with the knot at the base, just can not acquire the sucker unfathomable sufficiently. My second sphincter just doesn't crave to relax. Anyhow, sufficiently rambling. Great ride, and if u all are interested in unparalleled silicone toys, give bad dragon a look.