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Description: (Dallas, Tx) KIK: Headspin22 - Cute butt large boi... The merely thing is that guy quiet as fuck... Truly this is my second time hooking up with him... Been a scarcely any years! That Guy hit me up and we got to it... I was out in his area... That Guy said me to meet him at a location which was literally underground... HAD TO HAVE BEEN THE CONSUMMATE HOOK UP SPOT! Just desire it wasn't so fuckin far or I'd be there all the time! He-He! Damn.... But also bad I wasn't tryin to acquire drilled 'cuz dad could've got it! Rotfl! This Chab bust in a scarcely any mins... But that 10-Pounder stayed up! That milk was priceless! All this fella gone do is grind in my face hole... This Guy ain't gone groan, breath enormous, or talk... Indeed that guy looks at you wit this blank butt stare! Rotfl! I had an ex that did that mess whilst I was suckin his penis... This Guy said me, Hell yes I luv when you engulf my cock... I just ain't gone let yo gazoo know that! Lmao! Soever fellow! But in any case... That Guy bust his nut and still didn't say shit... When I say this boy-friend is down for soever like no other... This Chab literally don't give a fuck! We were at a hotel a not many years back and that guy got exposed and walked behind me, no shoes, shirt, Nothin on... Rod just bouncing! Damn... I recorded it but deleted it 'coz it was lengthy af and it was also much movement... But this is right also... Tried to receive him to piddle on me but it wouldn't cum out! Ha-Ha-Ha! UGH!!! ha-ha-ha! In Any Case... Have A Fun this vid! Love my fans! KIK: Headspin22