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Description: (Dallas, Tx) - KIK: Headspin22 - This is the same sexy dude from the HIGH DADDY vid! He was still high! Lol! He was just holding his blunt in his hand the entire time... I guess he didn't wanna loose it... Idk... Cuz I was wondering y he didn't sit it down or something before I started eating him again! And yes u can still hear his *****in the background... But anyway... We made this like 5-10 mins after the first 1... I'm just now posting it on Father's day... Appreciation to Father's everywhere! Lol! I do luv a nice DADDY DICK! Give me 1 with alot of meat on the bone and it's all good! :-) *Side note: I only post vids on xtube... Ppl post my shit everywhere else and make up random shit... Just because u see me spit does not mean the dude came 5 times... A mess! If u gone post my shit get it right! As I digress... He only bust once in this vid... Which it was more or less a dry nut since he had previously bust twice in the other vid... So this vid makes # 3! Oh I forgot... I'm swallowin his dick on the kitchen table! Lol! I cleared the plates where I'm assuming 1 of his *****had ate there previously... Cuz if was blocking the area where I needed to set my phone up! Lol! What can I say... This dude was so sexy... If u can tell by the arch in his back... Daddy has a nice ass too! ,-) Damn! I want some more! Luv to make a vid eating his ass! Y'all enjoy! LUV MY FANS! Lookin to make more vids with dudes cummin from out of town cummin to Dallas! Race no issue... Just have a nice dick! ,-) KIK: Headspin22