Aroused Innocent (1999)

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Description: Osten?s young, hairless Czech gallivants are by now a staple, but they still ain?t no Bel-Amis. Narrated by one of the most densely accented guys I?ve heard since being tapped in an elevator within the Berlitz building, Aroused Innocent brings us sex with guys who conform more to the former than latter. The first scene, in a forest, involves twoYMAC Video smooth twenty-somethings, who make messes on each others? chests pretty quickly. Next up, we revisit the film?s framing device, involving a gorgeous collegiate who encounters our hero/narrator and swaps stories of lust. This time he manages to narrate Ve vent to the voods, ve dropped owuhr cloewds, lay down on de blankwyet. I wealized whut a beeyootifoowul guy he As we then cut to the scene, our boys seen are fucking on said blankwyet.The rest entails more of the same grating dialogue, until we hit this odd, artsy, not-quite-directed-by-Tarsem-caliber bit which I won?t bother describing - barring the adjective absurd, since it?s quickly broken up by a threesome (another threeway awaits later on, too). Overall, this isn?t Osten?s best day. Most of the boys are second-rate in quality, the video and colors are average at best, and the music?s super corny. However, some real sound exists, which is good, but only infrequently, and a laudable (albeit laughable due to the absurd accent) AIDS message (No Sex Without Condom) at video's end.