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Description: (Dallas, Tx) KIK: Headspin22 - Got hit up by this Lil cute boy! This Guy said me this chab watched my movie scenes and her liked my work... I asked him did this guy want to make 1 since I was out and about... Riding around in 1 of this body suits wit the belts wit the belly cut out! He-He! IDK wtf their called! Haha! That Guy told that's not y this chab hit me up but this guy told this guy was down! I have to say this chab was greater quantity gracious in person... Not that his pic wasn't cute... But in person... ,-) We went in his room and picked a corner for him to fuck my mouth in! I asked him to slap it in my face and this guy slapped that juicy meat all up and down the side of my face! He-He! I got hard watchin this vid... His dong was wonderful... Balls priceless and smooth... This Guy even let me eat that butt off webcam... GAP WAS MUAH!!!! A nice ol yummy treat! ,-) :-p I was watchin the play back and forgot that this guy had a good jerk off game when that guy was fuckin my face... Then I remembered that made me want to give him some arse... But when I thought about it this chab had already bust... :-( But it was phat... Coz that guy bent over for me... We had to receive a quick 1 in so there wasn't much play off webcam... This Guy had to go to work is all this guy kept saying! I know I can't stand gettin up early to go to work! Rotfl! Hell I can't stand gettin up late goin to work... He-He! But that guy got it in in advance of work and it was all worthwhile! Oh yep... 'em large balls had a priceless scent to 'em! ,-) loved em! And dad can kiss also! This Chab got that priceless juice face hole! ,-) Have A Fun this vid! LUV MY FANS! KIK: Headspin22