Dad's large wazoo wiggle!

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Description: Well, I think the title agreeable much sums it up. If u like to see my large, bubble gazoo wiggle, jiggle and pump, u'll love this episode! :-) I would hump like this from around the age of 6 untill I started truly cumming at about 13 or 14. In fact, I can remember being a little put out at 1st when this 'white stuff' started coming out of my ramrod with I climaxed. I always had climaxes, but then I started making larger and larger messes each time. I used this method nearly each day for these 8 years. I'm surprised I didn't break smth with all the every single day pounding on my ding-dong. :-) Likewise, this method will make me cum each single time. It's kind of like massaging the prostate, I can cum regardless if I'm hard or not. It might not be an intensive big O, but I'm guaranteed to cum! All this may be greater quantity information than u wanted to know...
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