Out on the Hit (full movie)

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Description: Out to exact revenge, muscle stud Vinnie comes to London to take his revenge on hairy hunk Butch Grand in a real man on man match that can only end in a spunk drenched explosion. Using their impressive weapons on the enemys henchmen, Vinnie gets his contact working overtime in hot sweaty action until he gets what he wants, retribution and superstar Logan McCree servicing his dick! Both hairy hunks work up a sweat, Dolan with the free weights and Rocco on the punch bag, getting to watch each others muscles flex. Roccos huge dick is soon being serviced by the bearded man, on his knees and lapping at the thick shaft, wishing that it was his ass doing the motions, which in a matter of minutes, his dreams come true. Fucked hard by our horny tattooed stud, and bouncing incessantly on top as hes fed massive dick straight up his hungry ass. Exploding with spunk, Dolan almost soaks the camera as streams flow from his throbbing dick, Rocco sharing the cumfest as he jerks over his passive dudes face! Dark, handsome and hairy, Jean Franko is one hell of a sexy guy! Out to teach wayward stud Rafael a lesboy, this top fucker gets the incredibly ripped lad to lick every inch of his body, fuck his face until he gags, the lets loose on his smooth butt, as it puckers and pulsates in anticipation as its licked and flicked and made to really want his cock. Slowly sliding his tip inside the thick shafts opens him up wide, giving the muscled youthful stud the painful expressions any hard top dude loves to see when hes fucking. Soon balls deep, the views we get are out of this world, seeing everything in close-up, you can almost smell the sweat as these men get down and dirty, Rafaels butt mercilessly rammed as his legs are held wide. Hired hit man Tiko decides to play with his victim first, Muscled Korben is tired to strip as this Latino fucker gets hot under the collar, his delicious dick throbbing as its shoved down Korbens throat, really making him choke on it. Serving only to make him hornier, this hairy Latino does it more and more, harder and harder, eventually getting his own ass eaten out by the hungry Korben, getting his tongue as deep in there as he can, soaking it with spit before roles are reversed and Tiko lets all hell break loose on Korbens hole. Fucking him solidly are all sorts of great positions, that hole will never be the same again. Wanting nothing more than to exact revenge in the horniest way possible, Trojan Rock and Orlando Toro chain up hairy hunk Butch Grand and subject him to an endless orgy of butt munching and cock sucking, even getting the hairy hunk to take Trojans mighty meat, creating the cock hungry passive man, as both hard hunks spunk all over him, making him drip with sweat and spunk and becoming a total sub for the two leathered up men. Trojan slides his bulging dick right into Butch, making the previously top-only man moan out as he experiences life on the other side for the first time, and from the levels of spunk flowing out of his dick, it wasnt all that bad! Tattooed superstar Logan McCree gets back with boyfriend Vinnie after Butch has been dealt with, servicing his man with an incredibly hot oral workout from both sides. Logans famous body and great dick really is a sight to behold, especially when hes deep throating Vinnie, his throat expanding as the shaft slides down! Subjected to Vinnies powerful thrusts up his butt, Logan is given a real hard pounding as punishment, making him yell out loud as his dick explodes with tasty spunk, quickly followed by Vinnies own load, both bodies tensing as they reach an intense orgasm!
Models: Logan McCree