TuffGuy Caged - Part two

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Description: Cruelly teasing TuffGuyメs caged cock is of course a extremely enchanting activity ナ seeing it swell inside its cramped metal confines, the disappointed flesh bulging throughout all the petite open spaces, the gasps of intensified discomfort and desperation every time I can trigger his schlong to throb and cram itself harder against the prickly material lining the inside. Yeah, watching TuffGuyメs would-be erection straining pitifully against the constricted, unrelenting limitation of its cage is pleasure ナ but playing with his free and stiff weenie, as hard as it can acquire and teetering on the very edge of blissful release during the time that that guy is still underneath strict orders not to cum no matter what ナ watching his achingly turgid full-erection endlessly twitch and throb with maddening need just this side of the モpoint-of-no-return,ヤ his agonized and wonderful reactions as this chab fights against each impulse his body is sending to his brain to just let go and let the sweetness of forbidden relief wash over himself, the captivating erotic enjoyment I take in his imposed self-denial, in making him complicit in his own tormentナ well, THAT is a BLAST! Heh, heh, heh ナso, trusting that his time in the cage has at least somewhat improved his self-control I decided to free our heroメs neglected ding-dong and have some greater quantity-intensive edging joy with him. But when TuffGuyメs 10-Pounder, as with any unpredictable creature, is freed from its cage it need to be handled with outlandish caution, and great care get to be taken to avoid over stimulation. 1St I strung him up fine and secure from the rafters and then tantalized his imprisoned member just a bit greater quantity in advance of removing the cage. The wanking of TuffGuyメs newly freed erection in this movie is so light, and so slow, and so intermittent and maddening that there was virtually no chance heメd unintentionally reach climax, yet this guy still struggled valiantly to hold onto his composure during the time that his hopeless weenie ached, and throbbed, and trickled. Near the end, when this guy acquires a little likewise close to the edge I had to swat his overeager rod a scarcely any times with a crop to pull him back ナ and then I left him standing barefoot on a spiked mat to phat off a bit previous to the next phase of his ordeal. Have A Fun!
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