Troy Penetrator

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  • Birth Date: 1981-01-01
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Black guys with big dicks are a dime a dozen but few are as skilled as Troy Penetrator. Named after his ability to pound the tightest holes with his massive member, this Miami native starred in some of Bacchus' biggest titles. His good looks landed him numerous box covers including Black Dicks and White Booty 3 and Big Black Military Guys. A lover of any hole, his big cock could never be restrained to just gay films. Troy also appeared in Black Bi Sex Party 5 and My Bi Homey where he proved just as skilled at pleasing the ladies. Aside from his work with Bacchus, Troy also held his own against some of Pitbull's biggest stars. Troy appeared in two Love of the Dick installments and in Thugzillaпѕ’s Bitch Hunt. In 2008, Troy retired from porn after two solid years.
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