Trey Casteel

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  • Birth Date: 1974-01-01
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A passion for sex and a desire to be in movies led Columbus, Ohio native Trey Casteel to submit his photos to Falcon studios. He quickly got hired and so began his career, appearing first in Mustang studio films like Brawlers, The Hunted, Drifter and Bunker. Trey loves to get fucked on screen, the bigger the dick the better. Trey may be passionate about bottoming but don't write him off as a power bottom, as Trey also loves to top big muscular guys. He's one of the most beautiful men in the industry and is well known amongst his fans for his hairy chest, mesmerizing eyes and 7.5-inch cut cock. Aside from this work with Falcon, Trey has also worked for TitanMen, ShowGuys and COLT. Some of his best work though has been for Raging Stallion studios. As a versatile performer he's sizzled in various Raging Stallion films like Playback, Forbidden Dreams and Grunts: Brothers in Arms.
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