Tony Buff

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  • Birth Date: 1970-08-30
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Tony Buff was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1970. When he was young his family moved to southern California, the place his family still calls home. Right after high school, at age 17, Tony joined the Marines. Afterward, he studied philosophy and political science at California State University. Even before getting into the industry, Tony had a passion for the sadomasochistic arts. Tony has been recognized as an activist leader in his community where he has taught workshops, performed demos and helped with various fundraising events. He served as Washington State Mr. Leather in 2002 and has served as a Member at Large on the Board of Generic Leather Productions of Washington and as a board member and producer for the Washington State Mr/Ms Leather Organization. Tony is also a member of Seattle Men in Leather and an associate member of the Chicago Hellfire Club. Tony's deepest connections are with the members of his leather family, the Dragon Clan and his collared boys. For his involvement in fetish, Tony has been twice knighted by the Imperial Sovereign Court of Seattle, received the Leather Emerald Award in 2003, has been sainted by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Abbey of St Joan, and adopted by Sandy Reinhardt into Mama's Family as 'Mama's Big Screen.' Tony has been equally successful in the industry so far, having been an exclusive performer for Titan Media before signing a contract with Raging Stallion Studios. He is often praised by fans and critics for his versatile performances. In September of 2008 Tony was selected to be a part of Naked Sword's Dream Team. Tony shines as part of the incredible cast of 'The Other Side of Aspen 6.'
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