Tommy D

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  • Birth Date: 1980-04-07
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Bisexual porn star Tommy D admits, 'I started for the money but stayed for the SEX!!!' He began his adult film career in 2001. Though he might be best known for gay movies, Tommy prefers to play with both boys and girls at the same time in his personal life. When he's not filming, Tommy works construction jobs on the side to bring in more money and keep in shape. He also lifts weights and does spinning classes, all in the pursuit of maintaining and even improving that sculpted body we all love so much. Tommy's other hobbies include World of Warcraft, bowling, shooting pool, and going to the movies (his favorite actor and actress are Edward Norton and Ellen Page, while his favorite movie is Rent).In October 2010, Tommy D announced his retirement from performing and filming. He will keep his membership site,, open.
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You are a star. A stud and a star.:sideways: