Tober Brandt

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  • Birth Date: 1976-01-01
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In 2005 a smooth, trimmed young man going by the name of Tigger entered the world of gay porn. As his time in the business progressed he began to discover the true pig that lived inside of him. His transformation resulted in the tattooed, pierced, muscle stud we now know as Tober Brandt. Originally from Texas, Tober really has no limits when it comes to sex in his personal life as well as in front of the cameras. Tober started his career as a model for Dirk Yates but quickly made the transition into films. He spent a lot of time working as an exclusive for the likes of Titan and Raging Stallion studios. Eventually his need for kink led him to performing riskier acts like barebacking for Treasure Island Media. Tober is into piss-play, fisting, degradation and all manner of other extreme sex sports. He is willing to do it all as long as itпѕ’s consensual and of course pleasurable.
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