T. Malone

  • City: N/A
  • Birth Date: 1975-04-06
  • Ethnicity: Black
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T. Malone holds the honor of being the hottest black bottom in gay adult entertainment. His film пѕ“T. Malone: Big Booty Gangbangпѕ” is selling like hot cakes and fans are waiting breathlessly for the second film in this series. пѕ“Bottoms Upпѕ” will go on sale during the summer or fall of 2006.T has lived all over the East Coast, spending time in Atlanta, Miami Beach and New York. He says he canпѕ’t pick a favorite city but admits to liking the weather warm and the men hot!When not making adult films, T has a daytime career in high finance. Numbers turn him on. Perhaps thatпѕ’s one of the reason heпѕ’s happy pulling a train in пѕ“Big Booty Gangbang!пѕ”He also appears in Pitbull Productions film пѕ“Tiger Tyson The Way You Like It.пѕ” Most recently this soft-spoken bottom filmed a Pitbull Productions/Dark Alley Media co-production called пѕ“The Show Pt. 1.пѕ” A high budget film, пѕ“The Show Pt. 1пѕ” will be available in late May.
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