Roman Ragazzi

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Israeli stud Roman Ragazzi was a 5'11' bodybuilder with a massive 9'x7' cock and a preference for getting fucked by a big dick. Known for his five o'clock shadow, piercing eyes and movie star looks, Roman appeared in some of Raging Stallion's biggest pictures. His credits as a Raging Stallion/Collin O'Neal exclusive star include PlayBack, Savage, and the very successful Grunts series. At the start of his career Roman made headlines when New York Times Page Six outed him as an employee of the Israeli consulate in New York. Even though he had hopes to keep his porn life and private life separate, that was not to be. Soon after the news broke, Roman resigned from the consulate and decided to make porn his full time career. The change proved successful, as he became one of the most talked about performers. His versatile skills and muscular physique quickly made him a favorite of fans, especially those who love to see a big muscular guy get it up the ass.Sadly, Roman passed away on Thursday, February 23, 2012. Age 38 at the time of his death, he had been out of porn since 2008 but was fresh off an attention-getting fashion spread in Out with porn stars Blu Kennedy and Nick Gruber.
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