Ricky Martinez

  • City: N/A
  • Birth Date: 1978-10-01
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When the sexy chiseled Mexican cock hunk strides across any set, jaws drop. His glistening body shines when it is on camera. Martinez has a beautiful cock, harnessing a very impressive length and equally impressive girth. The hardcore tattoo on his chest, his bald head, and his hot goatee display his perfect thug exterior. He loves to jump on the back of a strapping buck and violate his beautiful ass. Martinez is an expert at head, sucking the biggest cocks with ease. His machismo is so strong, he has made the cover of nearly every movie heпѕ’s made in the VOD. He heats it up in The Best of Ricky Martinez: Fuego, among other titles from Big City Video. Martinez isnпѕ’t afraid of a little pain either, which he shows in Ricky Martinez In Pain. He is a Latino lover who canпѕ’t get enough of pounding the sweet ass of another man. If there is a man who needs pleasure, Martinez can show in more ways than one that he is the man for the job.
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