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Patrik Maxwell, also known as Patrick Crow, loves to show off his smooth body on screen. Although he's well past his teens he's often mistaken for eighteen due to his small build and 27' waist. Standing at 5'8' Patrik admits to having a seven-inch, uncut dick that looks much bigger because of his small frame. Patrik has worked for several top Euro studios including an exclusive contract with Au Natural. As an Au Natural exclusive performer, Patrik appeared in such popular films as Bareback Ranchers 1 and 2 as well as Bareback Bowling Bonanza 1 and 2. Aside from his work for Au Natural, Patrik has also appeared in Rad Videos, Bareback Boiz of Summer and Bareback Cum Gushers for Eurocreme. On screen Patrik is versatile but prefers to work as a top. He considers himself bisexual although he mainly enjoys having sex with guys. Patrick likes watching himself on screen but sticks to straight porn when it comes to getting off. On his spare time Patrik loves to play video games and work on customizing cars.
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