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British porn star Paddy O'Brian made his US hardcore porn debut in Falcon Studios' Summer Lust, having flown over from the UK in May 2012 after the studio saw some of his impressive, sizzling UK hardcore scenes and solo performances. A month later, Falcon announced that it had signed the gorgeous dark-haired, dark-eyed stud to a long-term exclusive contract.'After working with him, I knew he was a star, he was awesome to work with, a really cool guy and he fucks like a champ,' said Summer Lust director Tony DiMarco. Paddy also impressed the Falcon crew enough that they cast him in a movie for the company's JOCKS studio. They based their decision to sign him as an exclusive on those two impressive performances.To see what drew Falcon to work with Paddy, don't miss Cock Crazy from, his first scene with another man. In this movie he's said to be '98.9% straight' and is seeing a sex therapist to deal with his increasing attraction to men. It's also hot to see Paddy in a policeman's uniform, jerking his huge dick at the end of Blue Blake's A Policeman Fucked My Son.Paddy has been a favorite in the UK, and no wonder. He's one of the hottest men you'll ever see пѕ— perfectly sculpted from head to toe, gifted with a classically handsome face and big cock пѕ— and his performances are as exciting as his looks.
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This man is one of the hottest.:heart::heart:

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