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If you think Milo Peters is too like his twin Elijah Peters to tell them apart on screen, then just imagine how striking the similarities are in person. You'll spend a long time trying to distinguish one from the other, but it's no use. From the way they look to the way they move, and even to the way they speak, it's as if the Peters twins are one Aquarian soul in two bodies. Elijah is the younger brother by two minutes and there's just one way to tell them apart: Milo's cock curves to the right when erect and Elijah's curves to the left.Milo and Elijah are the kind of guys who stand out in a crowd, so it should come as no surprise that somebody at their university found out they were doing porn for Bel Ami. The brothers graduated in 2009 and escaped the odd looks and notoriety. They'd better get used to it, though, because they're far too hot to ignore! Anyone who has watched their star vehicle, The Peters Twins in Taboo, is likely to find himself dreaming of these identical studs for a long time to come.
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