Matan Shalev

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  • Birth Date: 1980-12-13
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Matan Shalev was born on a kibbutz (a collective agricultural community) in Israel's Negev Desert. His father was a farmer and butcher, his mother a cow-milker, and his younger sister is a bakery chef. At fifteen, Matan went to work on the farm and worked on the side as a tracker engineer. Around this time he began studying karate and earned a brown belt after two years.At 18, Matan joined the military as all young Israelis do. He worked in a jail with the riot police division and later became a military exercise trainer for the special units. Matan fulfilled his service duties at age 21 and was released from the army. When his father was diagnosed with cancer, Matan returned to the kibbutz to take care of his mother and sister. Matan owned a professional landscaping company until, at age 23, he left the kibbutz for Tel Aviv. There he studied gymnastics and modern/jazz dance. He performed at festivals and other large events, and between gigs he worked as a fitness and underwear model, which eventually led to performing in adult film. His masculine beauty and sensuality made him the ideal choice for an exclusive contract with Lucas Entertainment, he is at his best in 'Men of Israel,' 'Feet Extreme,' and 'Obsession.'Never content to rest on his laurels, at 25 Matan studied culinary arts and eventually became a chef and nutritional consultant in Tel Aviv. In his limited free time, Matan likes working out, Italian cuisine, dance (especially combining modern dance with hip-hop), and hanging out with his friends. His favorite film is 'Fight Club' and electronic and house is his favorite music. Sex is one of Matan's great passions -- he loves exploring his well developed sensual side.
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