Kai Cruz

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  • Birth Date: 1986-01-01
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Whether he's top or bottom, Bristol-born English lad Kai Cruz is ready and able to please gay porn fans everywhere. It must be something to do with his sporty physique and that seven-inch, uncut cock! He keeps in shape by bicycling about 20 miles a day. Kai got into porn in 2006, when he was about 20 years old. As the cover star for Rude Boiz 9, he caught a lot of eyes. He's done some of his best work in Rude Boiz 12, Straight Guys Fuck, and its sequel Straight Guys Fuck Harder. Don't let the titles fool you: Kai considers himself bisexual. He's a former butcher who might seem straight at first, but when he gives that cheeky look you'll know the truth. Kai says he 'loves cock too much' to stick to girls!
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