Joey Hart

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  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
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Childhood: I was born in North Carolina where my dad was stationed in the Army. We lived there a couple of years until we moved to a small town in South Dakota.After living in the city for a few years, my parents decided to move to the country and start a small ranch. That is where I spent most many years involved in 4-H, horse racing, farming, baling hay and alfalfa, and raising animals like ducks, chickens, geese, cats, dogs, sheep, we had it all. The summers in South Dakota are very hot and the winters extremely cold so living in the DC area is a great improvement.I have lived in the District now for about six years. I enjoy it here. There is always something to do and the people are friendly for the most part.I love to workout, it's what starts my day. Fitness has become a very important part of my life and I love the results.Hobbies: Swimming, the beach, rollerblading, hiking, driving around in my Mitsu, volleyball, travelling, friends.I am single and live in a comfortable apartment with my cat. I work as a freelance administrator for internet development, personal train part time, and do some fitness modeling. I am also an activist for the environment and wildlife, belonging to Greenpeace, National Audubon Society, the Sierra Club, Ocean Conservancy, the World Wildlife Foundation and more.Thoughts on my life: I live a very simple life, drama free and with a casual attitude. I live for today while keeping my eyes on tomorrow. I don't waste time with small things anymore and really appreciate all that I have.
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