Jirka Gregor

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  • Birth Date: 1986-01-01
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Jirka Gregor (aka Viktor Oleg, Martin Ceps, Abdul, Nicolas Corsi, Martin Neff, Martin, Pension Juniors, Bains Douches) has taken the world of European gay porn by storm with his straight guy appeal. When Jirka first came onto the scene he was a very guarded performer, refusing to let anyone get too close to him, but then almost overnight things changed. No one knows what brought on the new Jirka but he became insatiable for man on man contact. Originally from a small town in Czechoslovakia, Jirka has worked with top European studios like Eurocreme, Hammer Entertainment and Vimpex Gay Media, but the bulk of his work has been for William Higgins Studio. As a model for William Higgins, Jirka has appeared in some of their most popular films. His fans can't get enough of him and neither can the industry. Although Jirka loves to perform for his fans, he has also taken on a bigger role behind the scenes as a photographer and director.
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