Jake Genesis

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For less than a year between 2012 and 2013, muscular hottie Jake Genesis was a whirlwind that spun through the gay porn world. Born in Idaho, Jake studied at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology at UC Berkeley and even worked as a police officer before moving to Madrid, Spain for a porn career. While back in the US for some movie work, Jake decided to move back to his native country.He delivered outstanding scenes in Naked Sword's Grindhouse 4 and Truck, Raging Stallion Studios' Impact, and only a handful more. Jake left the business in 2013 after only a short time on a long-term exclusive contract with Raging Stallion. For a man who had been a cop and once considered entering the priesthood to have ever gotten into porn was scandalously hot, but many fans were left wondering what had caused him to change his mind. We'll miss Jake, but he gave us the gift of his mega-masculine presence and potent sexual skills during those eight or so months when he was performing.Tattoos: left pec, left upper arm
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