Jake Cruise

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  • Birth Date: 1962-06-15
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Jake Cruise is easily the luckiest man in gay porn. An average Joe in his mid 40s, he gets the chance to sample the hottest newcomers in the industry in his popular videos. From cock sucking to erotic massages, Jake does it all for his guys and will always leave them spent and completely drained from any drop of cum. Jake started his career in the industry on the advice of his therapist. He started out with a small website that led to a very successful studio that often attracts some of the hottest guys in porn. Jake currently resides in Philadelphia but has offices in Los Angeles and Miami. He is a passionate man whose biggest fantasy is to be the bologna in an identical twins sandwich, and with his drive and determination thereпѕ’s no question thatпѕ’s a dream he will make reality. Aside from his love of porn Jake is very passionate about animals and has spent a lot of his time on various animal rights campaigns.
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