Jack Simmons

  • City: N/A
  • Birth Date: 1970-12-01
  • Ethnicity: Black
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  • Views: 1 747
Jack Simmons, also known as Buck Stradlin and John Henry, has had a long and prolific career in the industry. Recognized for his ability to give as good as he gets, Jack has starred in numerous films for studios like Jocks and All Worlds. However Jack is best known for his films with Titan Men. Stuffed, Jacked Up, Tourist Trade and Spy Quest 2 are just a few of the films that had Jack holding his own against some of Titanпѕ’s biggest talent. Jackпѕ’s biggest role to date has been taking part in Bareback Fuck and Gag 2 for Satyr Films. In this feature he puts his ten-inch monster to work on several amateur straight holes, showing off his talent for making guys gag. Since his first films Jack has developed into quite a fetish performer. One can only wonder where his kinky perversions will take his fans next.
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