Gavin Waters

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Gavin Waters grew up in Albany, New York and after leaving the proverbial nest to see the world, he moved back to his hometown. After he joined MySpace and posted photos of himself, Gavin got many offers through MySpace to go out and perform solo scenes. Gradually, he found himself a part of the gay adult industry as a versatile bottom stud. He rejects the thought of labeling his sexuality other than to describe himself as 'a sexual guy' who gets excited at the thought of topping, bottoming, and sex with women. 'I mean, who's really seen something like a girl doing a guy from the back with a strap while that guys getting head from a guy in the front?' he asks. 'Things like that just really make you a sexual person - the very true meaning of it.' Gavin's one of 11 hot men melting the snow in 'The Other Side of Aspen 6' from Falcon Studios.
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