Francois Sagat

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  • Birth Date: 1979-06-05
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Few performers have ever cut quite as distinct and dashing a figure as Francois Sagat, whose unforgettable, sculpted frame calls to mind the Eiffel Tower looming over his native France. Born in the city of Cognac, Francois came to work for Raging Stallion as an exclusive performer in the fall of 2005, later moving on to become a Titan Men exclusive. From the start it was clear his work would stand the test of time. A versatile performer, Francois was comfortable in basic sexual liaisons as well as truly hardcore scenes. Appearances in Hard As Wood, Bedroom Eyes, and Arabesque confirm his broad sexual talents and demonstrate that at least some pretty boys are indeed filthy sluts!In 2011, Francois began directing and producing for Titan Media. His two-part film, Incubus, won the 2013 XBIZ Gay Movie of the Year award.Francois can be recognized easily by his scalp tattoo, which gives the illusion of closely buzzed dark hair. Another distinctive tattoo, a sickle moon and star resembling the Turkish and Tunisian flags, is a tribute to the Middle Eastern cultures of his ancestors.Outside of the adult film world, Francois appeared in Saw VI and notably modeled in Bernard Wilhelm's first collection during Paris Fashion Week. He inspired Willhelm's Francois Sagat Classics collection. In a video shot in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland Park and posted to his personal blog in May 2013, Francois announced that he had no plans to shoot any more porn scenes.
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