Ethan Ever

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Lean and cute in that way that says 'I work in an indie record store,' Ethan Ever could turn any guy into an adoring fan with that big, juicy cock! It's big even when he's not hard. And once he's fully erect, watch out!Ethan has worked exclusively for His first porno was Big Cock Cum Eating, released in February 2012. Seth Chase has a great time slurping down as much of that delicious dick as he can get. Ethan's next two films were Straight Hung Cum and Mountain Cum Feeding, also blowjob-only. He finally went for full-on man sex in June 2013 when he and Seth Chase fucked Aaron French in Mount Bareback. Tattoos: Eagle covering chest, star on right side/stomach, right arm sleeve, star on left hand, tribal around left forearm, left shoulder
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