Dolph Lambert

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Blond Aries stud Dolph Lambert is a wholesome European farm boy at heart and a true star of the gay porn scene. His mischievous charm and gorgeous face and body can't be denied. Dolph is a Bel Ami exclusive performer. He has been heating up the screen since 2007, when he made his debut as a bottom in Personal Trainers 10. Since then he has performed as both a top and a bottom in such hits as Todd and Dolph, Night Out, The Peters Twins in Taboo, and More Than You Can Handle.A music lover, Dolph plays guitar and listens to lots of hip-hop. He loves Italian food, but to look at that well-honed physique, you'd never know he ever ate a single carb! When Dolph started doing porn he was attending a technical university and managed to stay on the dean's list, but he once missed a shoot because he had to plant some potatoes. After getting his first paycheck, Dolph decided to buy stocks instead of a car, figuring he could always take public transportation. That investment paid off when the value of his stocks jumped. All this and brains too! Dolph's well-rounded background is a result of being raised by teachers.
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