Chris Rockway

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When you think of Randy Blue movies, one of the first men you envision is most likely Chris Rockway. He's been one of the definitive studs to have worked for the company since 2010. Chris has played a detective, a magnificent bastard, even a seductive vampire, but he's always a stud whose style and sexual intensity guarantee an erection for viewers.Just look at that body and the expression on his face that says he knows exactly what you're thinking when you gaze upon him and what you want him to do about it. Chris is so good-looking and has such a hot body that he was an overnight sensation on the Randy Blue website. Now that Chris is on our VOD theater, he's sure to win over a whole new crowd of fans with films including Fucked By Chris Rockway, Virgin Assholes, and Text, Lies And Video, all from Randy Blue.
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