Bruce Jennings

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Bruce Jennings overcame a lot of adversities to become a popular name in gay porn. A former gymnast and collector of muscle cars his life changed when he was robbed in his apartment in Northeast Portland. The thugs beat Bruce in the head with the blunt end of a gun and left him for dead. He survived but was left in a coma and had to undergo two brain surgeries that left lasting damages to his motor skills. You can't really tell by looking at him but Bruce struggles with movement on the right side of his body. Many years later his life would change once again when a friend took him to a sex party in San Francisco. At that party Bruce discovered his love for being watched. He also made some connections in the industry. Bruce had for a long time tried to break into porn but thanks to that party he met the right people and soon had a part in Titan Men's Jacked Up. Since then he's gone on to shoot for other major studios including Raging Stallion. Aside from filming Bruce also works in the luxury auto industry and moonlights as an escort. His determination to succeed in spite of his shortcomings makes him a true inspiration.
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