Brodie Sinclair

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Gay, straight, or just plain bi, there's no denying Brodie Sinclair has given the industry much to talk about. Brodie got his start in the industry in 2006, appearing in several amateur Internet sites. He quickly caught the attention of Falcon studios but it was Raging Stallion who signed him to his first exclusive contract in June of 2007. Brodie was signed to a ten-picture, one-year deal but after rumored behind-the-scenes difficulties, he left in December of the same year. His Raging Stallion career began in late 2007 with the acclaimed military fetish flick Grunts: Misconduct, and his last movie for the company was Savage.Brodie's abrupt departure from the company and his contract, however, did not affect his popularity. In 2010 Brodie once again made headlines when he bottomed for the first time on film in First Time Fucked from Cockyboys. Brodie has also appeared in several straight films and can sometimes be found under the alias Derek Brodie.Tattoos: Right pec, Tribal band around left bicep
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