Brett Bradley

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Houston, Texas native Brett Bradley made his porn debut right around the time he turned 30. Experience has taught him just how to fuck a man right, so the twinks can learn a thing or two from this lean, well-hung hottie.As a teenager, Brett first noticed he had a bigger cock than all the other guys in the locker room. He measures about nine inches when he's fully hard, with a shaft that's thick and mouth-watering. Though mostly smooth, he has a light sprinkling of hair on his chest and happy trail.Brett is mostly a top on camera and in his personal life. Watch him take some of the hungriest holes in Schoolboy Fantasies (Iconmale), Raw Fuckin' Heat (Bareback RT), and A Monster Inside Me 5: Swamp Ass Breeders (Dark Alley Media/Raw Fuck Club).
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