Aron Ridge

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  • Ethnicity: Black
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Aron Ridge is a muscular bisexual top with a formidable 9.5' dick. Good looking and dark-skinned, he's bound to make either gender want to bend over and spread 'em! Aron is mostly African-American with a dash of Choctaw Indian from his grandmother.His goal originally wasn't to get into porn, but when Aron's photo was submitted into a contest, he won the grand prize: a porn shoot with famed director Chi Chi LaRue. He struggled with the decision to keep going after that first shoot, partially because of his conservative Midwestern upbringing and, at first, some uncertainty over his sexual orientation. Five years later and living on the West Coast, Aron accepted another offer to appear in films and has since worked for top-notch studios like All Worlds Video, Hot House Entertainment, and Falcon Studios.When not shooting a scene, you can often find Aron doing fitness and muscle modeling thanks to the body he has sculpted as a certified personal trainer and nutritionist.
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