2006 GIGA (pee) compilation (edits)


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Duration: 6min 44sec Views: 2 996 Submitted: 11 months ago Submitted by:
Description: Here are majority of the non-Punk (Punk has her own compilations due to her own number of participations!) GIGA (pee, urinate) scenes / sessions from 2006, featuring amongst others Kayla, Rio, Terri, Perm, Kaylie, Kris, Nails, Kimi, and Tiffany Mynx two, amongst others. All little excerpts are followed by the now traditional flush afterward, adding a sence of thematic to the proceedings. Those were still early experiments but began to shape sluggishly into what would become, as the follwoing year, 2007, began showcasing greater amount complete Giga-oriented sessions, which would in a short time evolve into what it has become this day... THe Most Good Is Yet To Cum!
Models: Tiffany Mynx