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Duration: 9min 56sec Views: 1 126 Submitted: 10 months ago Submitted by:
Description: Yep so Im back in Minnesota on my way home though my lube opened up in my container so I had my toys but no lube T_T so I ordered an 8.5 oz bottle of ID GLIDE and omfg most excellent lube ever! So yes moreover ordering that I ordered a suckit draft, lady lager, super ribbed cheek fleshlight and a shower mount.... the cases for the sex in a can make it uncomfortable for me to squeeze into since my piercings and the aperture is also tiny so I use the sleeves out of the case.... i love the sukit draft one A LOT!! well sufficiently rambling hope u all have a fun my latest Fleshlight Fuck :D sooooo pleased to be living in Minnesota agian!! P.S I recorded this clip using my gopro and chest mount. :)
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