Leisurely jerk and cum on my abdomen and chest


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Description: I couldn't await to receive home from work, undress down undressed and settle in for a lengthy, relaxed masturbation session. It was casual Friday at the office, and all day this honey in a low cut, constricted outfit kept getting up and walking around. This Babe is brawny with a body like a brick shithouse but unfortunately married. That Babe even dropped a pen in front of me and quickly bent down to pick it up, at which point I could watch that babe wasn't wearing a brassiere, inadvertently giving me an unobstructed look at her full pantoons and nipps. I had a hard-on all fucking day, not that I'm complaining. Lastly I made it home and just now ran upstairs for some relief. Garments started flying off the pont of time I was in the front door. After setting up the camera and beginning to caress my schlong, I thought about a mother I've been communicating with on XTube. I brought myself to the edge several times with her on my mind and was able to hold off from cumming for about 10 minutes. Then I took it a little also far and knew there was no turning back. A beefy big O clutched my entire being as I promptly exploded on my chest and abdomen. During The Time That the contractions were winding down, I used some of the goo trickling down my schlong as lubrication to bring some hawt sensations to the end of my session. Realizing I forgot to bring a towel for cleanup (an unintended violation of basic male masturbation procedures!), I had to sit up very carefuly and receive to the bath out of trickling any love juice on the sofa or leaving a creamy trail across the hallway rug.
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