19-year old lance corporal receiving oral.


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Duration: 7min 30sec Views: 3 626 Submitted: 11 months ago Submitted by:
Description: He is tall, devilishly handsome and athletically built 19-year old blonde that just loves to get off whenever an opportunity arises. He arrived looking so good and I can already see the hefty bulge in his jeans. When he unzipped, I was presented with a thick and beautiful uncut cock that is waiting to be serviced. Every single military man that visits my glory hole is so well treated. I started with my warm,mouthful strokes that instantly made him rock hard. A little after, I sucked his sperm-filled sac that longs to be drained. Keep in mind that I'm sucking and swallowing his shaft non-stop until the eight minute. I can almost hear his heart beating faster while his manly moans grow louder. I had to swallow his shaft all the way down to the base for the finale. He was then becoming verbal thereafter. Spurts of very sweet jizz filled my throat and I just can't help but swallow him to the very last drop. His load is uniquely sweet and thick with a yogurt like consistency. How can you let that go to waste? I hope you guys will enjoy this one - just don't forget your comments and votes.