Greater Quantity Ball busting / CBT / no-hands load


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Duration: 6min 58sec Views: 2 885 Submitted: 10 months ago Submitted by:
Description: I decided to make a second movie, this time with mainly hitting instead of a mixture of hitting/smacking. It took me longer to cum. The episode was originally over 15 minutes, but I edited it down to just below 7 minutes. If u don't wish to see the entire thing, I'll break it down for u: 0:00-0:40: Getting hard. 0:41-1:43: Hitting balls. 1:44-two:12: Wanking & hitting. two:twenty-two:48: Squeezing. two:48-three:00 - Greater Amount wanking. three:01-4:57: Lots of hitting! 4:58-5:17: Jerking Off & hitting. 5:eighteen-Getting close to cumming, I just keep hitting myself, rather hard. 6:35- I hit a large load of cum out of my balls, no jerking off!
Categories: BDSM Fetish Amateur CBT Twink