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Duration: 15min 44sec Views: 4 437 Submitted: 9 months ago Submitted by:
Description: This good looking young buck is jacking off one evening, relaxing and watching a little bit of porno. Out of no where, a disembodied pair of hands appears and starts to help him in his masturbatory activities! The hands take over, stroking the young man erotically all over his firm, toned body and then jerking off his prick. It's a nice thick cock, long too, and the stud writhes in pleasure as the hands jerk him. One hand squeezes the balls whilst the other slides up and down the shaft; there's plenty of lube and the nasty slurping noises that go with it. The good looking guy cums on himself with one finger stuck up his tight little ass!
Categories: Frat/College Couple POV