Nappy-Wearing Fatty Taken Over His Master's Knee And Spanked


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Duration: 17min 59sec Views: 763 Submitted: 9 months ago Submitted by:
Description: In this dirtygay fetish movie, dirtyMaster Shadow is as dominant as nappy-wearing slut Florian is submissive. Shadow takes the stud over his knee, pulling down the top of his underpants to spank him firmly on his butt, eliciting a wide variety of yelps and moans. Florian loves being beaten - and he loves that he can feel his Master's cock stirring with every firm ass spank! Once the spanking is over, Florian gets down on his knees, submissively bobbing his head up and down on his man's dick. He looks lovingly into his Master's eyes as the load is delivered unceremoniously all the way down his throat. Of course, he swallows!