Rich Stud Bangs Young Toy Boy In Asshole


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Duration: 18min 49sec Views: 446 Submitted: 5 months ago Submitted by:
Description: This sex crazed millionaire has picked himself up a gorgeous boy-toy for the night's pleasure. He takes him back to his hotel room, sitting down on the couch in sensual fashion. The young queer can't wait to get into his boss's pants, pulling them down to around his ankles and engulfing his stiff prick with his mouth. The rich man stares in amazement, momentarily stunned at the sight of this sensational young man sucking on his rigid pole. He can't believe it's real! He bangs this young twink all night, and with each deep thrust the young stud begs for it even more; it's a wonder that his tiny ass can withstand that cock!