Unruly Cadet Pounded In Dirty Latrine


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Duration: 20min 06sec Views: 1 790 Submitted: 11 months ago Submitted by:
Description: After this pilot cadet fucks up during basic training, he and his buddies get ordered to clean up the filthy latrine. He is a lazy little fuck, not wanting to pull his weight, and the other two men are furious. As he turns to leave, he gets jumped on by the other two men, who push him down onto his knees and ram their big army cocks into his mouth. They roughly fuck his throat, tearing down his trousers while they do so then the two men pound the disobedient cadet right in the tight ass! He screams loudly, but shut away in the latrine, none of the other soldiers can hear him. The cadet ends up with a double faceful of spunk!